The name is born from the characteristics of the product (lightness, versatility, environmental sustainability), with a reference to the natural element that can best embody it, the “leaf”.

From this, we use the name in its English declination associated with the adjective “flat”, LEAF – FLAT.


A creation destined to cover any surface, floors, walls, ceilings, in construction, as well as nautical and aeronautics.

LEAFLAT derives from a composite of carbon and resin with a variable thickness between 1 and 2 mm, with a weight of about 1200 gr per square meter and is 100% customizable with valuable materials following a provided design.


The real innovation brought by this product is the chance of having an especially rigid structure, thanks to the resistance characteristics of the carbon.

Its mutable appearance, because of the laminated materials, makes many different types of finish possible.


Differently from many other materials, LEAFLAT can change dimensions greatly in thickness (affecting resistance), length and width.

A standard production utilizes the established dimensions of 1200x1200mm, but if necessary, different dimensions can be provided.


One of the foremost aspects is surely the infinite customizability of the product. The client is free to supply any kind of design and request colors and materials to insert into the product. The floor and/or coating is capable of taking any shape or dimension desired. The customization of the design or print can take place on one panel or on many consecutive ones, which later will become a single design.


The most singular characteristic of LEAFLAT is certainly its lightness.

Thanks to the carbon substrate, of any thickness, we obtain meter square weights markedly inferior to other materials used for covering.


Thanks to the carbon base, LEAFLAT does not present only lightness as a feature, but also great resistance to bending. This unique characteristic makes it possible to use the product both as a structural element, as well as a simple covering decor.

This resistance allows us to use fragile and light materials, like mother-of-pearl.


LEAFLAT materials, colors and finishes can all be customized.

The customization happens in the production phase. Due to the high cutting precision, it is possible to perfectly install the components to form any design.

With its 1 to 2 mm thickness, LEAFLAT allows the overlay with other preexistent coverings without affecting structural weight.
This makes it ideal for buildings in seismic areas, or to lighten building developed vertically, like skyscrapers.

During the entirety of the production process, from the storage to the application, LEAFLAT displays a low environmental impact, in virtue of its chemical characteristics and the chosen processes utilized during its creation.

A product with these features can do nothing but warrant for maximum safety. Thanks to his high tolerance to fire, it possesses an elevated fireproof coefficient compared to other covering materials. 
It was also certified in the nautical field for every kind of vessel.

Minimal presence of leftovers after installation since it is possible to supply the panels custom shaped.
Extremely high “time to market” and production management “just in time” 
No need for the client to store the product.
Easy and low-cost repair of damages.
Limited need for maintenance.
Easy cleaning.
A distinctly advantageous balance between costs/benefits in the medium/long period, both for the constructor and the final customer.
Reduction on costs due to installation materials, the installation itself, and replacements.
No leftovers of product regarding the surface needed to be covered.
Ongoing availability.