11 fbinnotech leaflat luxury tile interior design innovative solution

“It has always accompanied man since his first appearance on Earth, improving its manufacturing and keeping its characteristics unchanged.”


“Queen of the gods”


This technique is born in 1440, and it was practiced by combining closely minute pieces of material. Completely realized by specialized artisans, it combines varied kinds of leathers inlayed together, creating unique changes of color. Through this, any kind of surface obtains an elevated lavishness and a refined prestige.The strength of this product lays in the precise selection of each piece of material, bestowing lightness and contrast to every project.


“Goddess of handcrafting”


Embroidery is an ancient craft, likely appeared first in the East, and afterward expanded in the West.

Such art was used to enrich and customize the clothes worn by people of great renown, enhancing their dignity and prestige.

The reinterpretation in modern style grants a great feel to the touch, resulting in relief surfaces of noteworthy softness and elegance.


“Goddess of the hunt and nature”


To give life to a flat object.

Through this concept, we highlight the commissioned shapes or the designs, while keeping uniform and elegant the layer of leather.


“God of the sun”

Laser incision

We create a variety of incisions, utilizing machinery of the latest generation.

It is possible to realize complex geometries and designs, still maintaining natural the surface of the leather.