25 fbinnotech leaflat luxury tile interior design innovative solution

“Widely used since ancient times, it can be found in artifacts belonging to ancient Egypt and the Sumerians.

From east to west, its beauty and special properties were always appreciated.

Among those, there is the protection from harmful influences and the conversion of negative energy to positive.”


“Absolute ruler of the sea and of all marine deities”

Relief Mosaic 

Prized Mother-of-pearl composed with overlaid aragonite crystals tied together. The composition is the same as the pearls. This solid, polished, and bright material is carved and positioned by hand.

This technique is known since ancient Egypt as “mosaic”, implemented by creating reliefs on every slot.

Ideal for any wall decor and exclusive furnishings. 


“Undeniable father of the Olympian gods”


Elegance, care for the details, meticulous study of every component.

The artisan’s handicraft united with innovative techniques make it possible to realize the most complex of mosaics, successfully creating amazing effects of light, and valorizing its natural characteristics.

Applicable in every kind of surface: floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings.


“Goddess of beauty, desire and love” 

Print and Mother-of-pearl 

The charming blend of mother-of-pearl adornments meets accurate reproductions of stones or images, creating a unique and elegant union.