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FB Innotech
About Us
The union of minds, the strength of ideas
Fabio & Gioacchino Barletta
in 2018 they founded FB Innotech Ltd in order to present their technological idea to the world.
Fabio Barletta
In 2006, Fabio Barletta presented the world premiere of his first car customisation project at the Padua Motor Show.

In his workshop, he develops and produces over 60 cars for both private customers and major car manufacturers.
Thanks to his technical skills and constant research, in 2014 he devised a unique lamination system that combines carbon fibre with cork.
In 1974, Gioacchino Barletta began his career in the high fashion sector, working over the years with the most important brands in the industry.
All these years of experience have given him the necessary know-how to guarantee the highest quality in the delivery of any request.

Gioacchino Barletta
In 2018, Fabio Barletta and Gioacchino Barletta, founded FB INNOTECH, giving birth to LEAFLATĀ®, a unique Higt Tech product intended for aerospace, naval, construction and automotive engineering. Structural and coating capacity with incredible technical and aesthetic characteristics, enhanced for the luxory world.

It all began in 2013 when, during a business trip to Dubai, they noticed the difficulty of installing luxury furnishings on the highest floors of skyscrapers.  These types of buildings are, in fact, still subject to great creative restrictions, due to the excessive weight of materials intended for luxury. This led to the idea of creating luxury furniture that could be installed anywhere, regardless of weight and strength restrictions.
Later, during an airline flight, they realised that, thanks to the result of this research, it would be possible to furnish even aircraft interiors while maintaining maximum strength and lightness. Thanks to this reasoning, they decided to study a product applicable to all sectors, where meeting these requirements is a fundamental parameter.

Milano / San Miniato / Sofia / Mosca / Nur-Sultan / Hanoi/ Toronto/ Coming soon: Tokyo e Seul
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