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Applications - Our identity
Our philosophy defines our identity and is evident in every experience we provide, characterised by our attention to detail and the confidential and personalised service we offer our customers. Because when it comes to excellence in aviation, our aim is to always aim higher.



Absolute Excellence
Responding only to the demands of fleet designers and travel enthusiasts, FB Innotech is able to design and supply the finest customised solutions in the luxury aircraft sector.

Our technology, unique in the world, offers an exclusive high-technology product for covering any surface, be it floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories.

LEAFLAT is derived from a certified carbon and resin composite with an overall thickness varying between 1 and 2 mm, weighing approximately 1200 g per square metre. These characteristics offer first-class technological advantages in the manufacture of aircraft:

  • strength
  • lightness
  • malleability
  • certified and guaranteed safety
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