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FB Innotech
The exclusivity of in-flight luxury
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy defines our identity and is evident in every experience we provide, characterised by our attention to detail and the confidential and personalised service we offer our customers. Because when it comes to excellence in aviation, our aim is to always aim higher.

Our Leaflat® technology is engineering that applies principles of physics, science and materials to the design of aircraft and spacecraft.
Modern aircraft, being highly complex systems, require a solid multidisciplinary background for their design, ranging from the choice of the most suitable materials to be used in various technical solutions to the definition of the mission profile of an aircraft, from performance to equipment. In fact, aerospace engineering has to take into account numerous aerodynamic, structural, thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical phenomena in order to be able to size and design the structure and on-board systems appropriately.

The considerable and ever-increasing complexity of aerospace products therefore requires the use of products and materials with a high technical and quality profile. FB Innotech has made Leaflat® a fundamental element in aerospace engineering, thanks to which it is possible to achieve construction results never before imagined.
Exclusive Service
Our company is constantly growing and strives to provide exclusive and personalised assistance. This is the only way to ensure that each customer's goal can be realised in the best possible way.
Leaflat® is a 100% customisable Higt Tech solution with a variety of precious materials and designs provided directly by the customer. Attention to detail and customisation offers the optimal solution from both a technical and stylistic point of view, guaranteeing full satisfaction of expectations.
Absolute Excellence
Responding only to the demands of those who design fleets and love to travel, FB Innotech is able to design and supply the finest customised solutions in the luxury aviation sector.
On the strength of the experience acquired and the Leaflat® technology, FB Innotech boasts achievements in this specific sector with specific solutions that have given particular added value to the avionics sector.
Our technology, unique in the world, offers an exclusive high-technology product for covering any surface, be it floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories.

Leaflat® is derived from a certified carbon and resin composite with an overall thickness varying between 1 and 2 mm, weighing approximately 1200 g per square metre. These characteristics offer first-rate technological advantages in aircraft construction:

  • strength
  • lightness
  • malleability
  • certified and guaranteed safety

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