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Pec: fbinnotech@pec.fbinnotech.com
FB Innotech
Because nothing is left to chance
We believe
FB Innotech's constant focus on quality enables it to achieve simultaneous improvement in:

company performance -
environmental effects of the activity -
occupational health and risk management -
personnel management -

As well as being a global added value.

The difference
High resistance, Precise geometry and dimensions, Durability, Good insulation, Pleasant appearance, etc.

These characteristics constitute the "properties" of our products for which, in order to have a correct idea of quality, they need to be considered from the point of view of the use for which they are intended.
Quality, therefore, is the attitude to use, the relationship between the objective of use and the performance of the material element.
A concept that coincides with that of "appropriate choice" and the right use of materials.

The elements that directly or indirectly determine the "high quality" of our materials are:

Primary characteristics
Physical properties
Mechanical properties
Technical and technological characteristics
Composition: chemical nature of the material
Constitution: genesis of the material, how it was formed geologically
Structure: composition of the components
Colour: presence of pigments

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