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Touching the sky lightly
Vertical Technology

The field of high-rise buildings is constantly growing. In terms of construction engineering, it is a continuous and exciting challenge:
The choice and optimisation of structural systems, design criteria and construction techniques, foundations, response to seismic and wind actions with particular attention to damping problems, response over time with regard to effects on deformations and stress states and related design and construction criteria for partial compensation of these effects.
Constructive Innovation
Leaflat® represents the most technological and complex solution to the problem of elevating buildings in the modern city and offers architects and building scientists the possibility to use all the technology necessary to reach heights with lightness.
Our innovative technology has made it possible to create large living spaces on the highest floors precisely because of the characteristics of Leaflat®: lightness and strength.  Weight management at high altitudes is therefore no longer a problem in terms of construction engineering.

Starting from these premises and with these foundations, FB Innotech's research and development laboratory has initiated and developed the realisation of solutions on commission that have been able to offer innovative and valuable solutions to important vertical structures.

Today our company offers an exclusive service to large international groups involved in the design of skyscrapers, both in providing the appropriate technological solution, Leaflat®, and in the aesthetic realisation of the luxury composite panels.

Skyscraper Engineering
High resistance, Precise geometry and dimensions, Durability, Excellent insulation, Pleasant appearance, etc.

These characteristics constitute the "properties" of our products for which, in order to have a correct idea of quality, they need to be considered from the point of view of the use for which they are intended.
Quality, therefore, is the attitude to use, the relationship between the objective of use and the performance of the material element.
A concept that coincides with that of "appropriate choice" and the right use of materials.
Our specialised departments, sales offices and legal department are constantly striving to provide exclusive and personalised assistance. This is the only way to ensure that each customer's objective can be realised in the best possible way.
Leaflat® is a 100% customisable high-tech solution with a variety of precious materials and designs provided by the customer. Attention to detail and customisation offers the optimal solution from both a technical and stylistic point of view, guaranteeing full satisfaction of expectations.
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