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Our answers to your future questions
The revolution in building standards
A unique product of exclusive production and know-how.
A product that revolutionises construction standards by offering unique characteristics in both technical and aesthetic terms and indispensable to the engineering world of construction, boating, aerospace, civil aviation and engines. Produced with unique, precious and ultra-light coatings that can be customised for every type of environment and requirement.

Technological Revolution
The first and only innovative product capable of revolutionising the world of construction engineering,
aerospace, civil and engine aviation.
Design in Flight
Structure and furnishings enriched by a real technological laboratory, never aseptic and structurally advanced, where the pleasure of aesthetics is matched by the functionality of every single corner of the environment in respect and improvement of the construction characteristics, safety and efficiency.
High-quality works of art
Hi-tech solution for yacht designers. A new composite material with amazing physical characteristics. Extreme lightness, superior strength, high resistance to corrosion, excellent insulation, maximum aesthetic creativity and innovation, comfort and ease of use and absolute functionality.
Construction evolution for Skyscrapers
The field of tall buildings is constantly growing. In terms of construction engineering, it is a continuous and exciting challenge, which finds one of its main stimuli in the ambitions of progressively breaking the height record. Leaflat® is the exceptional and unique technical construction solution that, thanks to research, meets all the current technical construction requirements, combining extreme versatility of application with increasingly extravagant, daring and innovative structure shapes.

Innovation, resistance, eco-sustainability and structural lightness.
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