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The name originates from the characteristics of the product (lightness, versatility, environmental sustainability) with a reference to the element that, in nature, best symbolises them, the 'leaf'.
Hence the use of the term in its English declension associated with the adjective 'flat', LEAF - FLAT.

Leaflat® is a technological breakthrough, exclusive know-how and protected by Industrial Property law worldwide.
Leaflat® is the result of years of research and development, the perfect marriage of science and technology, of essence and practicality.
LEAFLAT® is produced in panels for covering all surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings, in the building, nautical, aeronautical and furniture sectors.

LEAFLAT® is made from a composite of carbon and resins with an overall thickness varying between 1 and 2 mm, weighing approximately 1200 g per square metre, and is 100% customisable with precious materials and to a design provided.
The real revolution of this innovative product is the possibility of having a particularly rigid structure due to the strength characteristics of carbon.  Its variable aspect, due to the laminated materials, allows various types of finishing.

Unlike many other materials, LEAFLAT® can take on very variable dimensions in thickness and therefore in strength, as well as in width and/or length.  A standard production foresees fixed dimensions of 1200x1200mm, but, on request, productions with different dimensions can be supplied.

The most distinctive feature of LEAFLAT® is its lightness. Thanks to the carbon base, whatever the thickness, the weight per square metre is significantly lower than other cladding materials.

Thanks to the carbon base, LEAFLAT® is not only lightweight, but also highly resistant to bending. This unique feature allows the product to be used as a structural element or as a simple cladding. This resistance allows the use of fragile and very light materials such as mother-of-pearl.

LEAFLAT® can be customised in materials, colours and finishes.
Customisation takes place at the production stage. Thanks to the precision of the cut, it is possible to install the elements perfectly in order to compose any design.

With its thickness, from 1 to 2 mm, LEAFLAT® allows overlapping on old coverings, without affecting the structural weights.
LEAFLAT® is ideal for buildings in seismic areas or for lightening high buildings such as skyscrapers.
Minimal Environmental Impact
Throughout the entire production process, from storage to installation, LEAFLAT has a low environmental impact due to the general chemical characteristics and types of processing used in the creation of the product.
Environmental protection
Maximum Security
A product with these characteristics could not fail to ensure maximum safety. Thanks to its high fire resistance, it has a very high fire retardancy coefficient compared to other cladding materials. It has also been certified in the nautical sector for all types of boats.

Minimal Costs
Costs are reduced as installation can be scheduled by supplying panels already profiled to the required size.

- Very high time to market and just-in-time production organisation;
- No storage requirements for the customer.
- Easy and economical damage restoration.
- Limited maintenance.
- Easy cleaning.
- A decidedly advantageous impact on the cost/benefit trade-off in the medium/long term for both the manufacturer and the end customer;
- Reduced cost of installation materials, installation and replacement.
- No waste or surplus material in relation to the surfaces to be covered;
- Continuous availability.

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