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FB Innotech
The soul of luxury
Our Philosophy
Our philosophy traces our identity and is evident in every experience we provide, characterised by the extreme attention to detail, the quality of materials and their workmanship, and the confidential and personalised service offered to customers. When it comes to excellence, our aim is to maintain and constantly improve it.
Research and Development
Our research and development department is constantly involved in coordinating and supervising market analysis and designing technological innovations. It studies the company's target markets and analyses and designs new solutions for different purposes:

  • to improve products and services already marketed
  • to create new innovative solutions
  • to develop new technical production processes

The Research and Development Area is in fact dedicated to investments and to increasing FB Innotech's production and productivity.

In particular, we always pay attention to those study and research activities to

  • Analyse the needs and demands of the recipients of the company's products or services and identify trends, always trying to anticipate them before they show up clearly in market studies
  • Link the results of the research carried out to possible ways of developing the company's production techniques or products
  • Elaborating project ideas, checking their feasibility and identifying funding or investment opportunities (Risk Management)
  • Liaising to develop possible collaborations with universities and research institutes or other professionals
  • Coordinating the activities and personnel involved in the projects, ensuring that they are carried out on time

Absolute Excellence: Materials
The quality of the materials and the processing techniques make each item unique.
This technique originated in 1440 and was carried out by combining small pieces of material. Made entirely by specialised craftsmen, it combines various types of leather inlaid together. Unique colour effects are thus created. Any type of surface therefore acquires a high level of richness and refined prestige. The strong point of this product is the careful selection of each individual material.
This gives lightness and contrast to every project.


Embroidery is a very ancient art, which probably appeared in the East and then arrived in the West. It was used to embellish and personalise clothing worn by prominent people, thus increasing their dignity and prestige. The modern reinterpretation of this technique allows to obtain tactile results of great impact, creating relief surfaces of remarkable softness and elegance.

Giving life to a flat body. With this concept, commissioned shapes or designs are emphasised, while keeping the skin layer uniform and elegant..

Laser engraving

Various types of engravings are created using state-of-the-art machinery. It is possible to create complex designs and geometries while maintaining the natural surface of the leather.

High-quality works of art
The most technologically advanced processes meet the uniqueness expressed by the hands of our craftsmen. Something unique, of exceptional quality, combining rare and wonderful materials. This is the result of combining the types of workmanship developed by the company over the years. Reconfiguring shapes in many different ways and creating new features according to what the client requires. True works of art inlaid in leather.

Relief Mosaic

High-quality mother-of-pearl composed of overlapping and interlinked aragonite crystals. The composition composition is the same as that of pearls. This solid, shiny and brilliant material is carved and positioned by hand. This technique has been known since the ancient Egyptians under the name of mosaic reliefs created on each insert. Ideal for wall decorations and exclusive furnishings.


Elegance, attention to detail, detailed study of every single element.
Craftsmanship combined with innovative techniques make it possible to create the most complex mosaics, succeeding in creating fantastic plays of light, making the most of their natural characteristics.
They can be installed on all types of surfaces: floors, walls,
ceilings and furnishing accessories.

Print and Mother of Pearl

The combination of the charm of mother-of-pearl complements meets accurate reproductions of stones or images, creating a unique and elegant combination.

Our technology, unique in the world, offers an exclusive high-technology product for covering any surface, be it floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and accessories.

LEAFLAT is derived from a certified carbon and resin composite with an overall thickness varying between 1 and 2 mm, weighing approximately 1200 g per square metre. These characteristics offer first-class technological advantages in the manufacture of aircraft:

  • strength
  • lightness
  • malleability
  • certified and guaranteed safety

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