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FB Innotech
The unique and versatile style of luxury
The style that sets us apart

Inspiration of unique scenery for luxury yachts capable of impressing with their refined interiors and aesthetics. Spaces of great charm that allow you to experience an unforgettable journey surrounded by the deep blue sea and unspoilt nature.
Not only the shapes of the interiors, but also the materials used on board are the crucial results of unprecedented design solutions needed to experience the yacht as a private, living, regenerating space.
Each design is imbued with innovation, beauty and harmony. The style of Fb Innotech's solutions is the expression of a long experience of innovative technology at the service of eternal and contemporary beauty, timeless yet constantly evolving.
Each boat is unique, personal and bears the imprint of those who live it.
Construction Technology
Fb Innotech, a Hight Technology company, aims to develop optimised solutions for marine applications. Specialised in the use of innovative composite materials, it is involved in the construction, process engineering, design and supply of high performance yacht fittings.
The development of Leaflat®, which started about ten years ago, has radically changed the concept of interior design in the nautical world.
The use of Leaflat® has led to an improvement in structural properties and greater uniformity and reliability of results, greatly reducing product and result variability linked to technical construction characteristics.
Our strength, together with our innovative materials and solutions, is the professional information we offer our customers, providing support from our technical office, engineering, project management, production control, quality control, fittings design, styling and customisation.
We are proud of our furniture components, which are among the most modern and avant-garde on the market. We pay particular attention to design, technology, new materials and sustainability.

luxury interiors for yachts
Leaflat® excellence
A product intended for covering any surface, floors, walls, ceilings and furnishing accessories. Leaflat® is made from a composite of carbon and resins with an overall thickness varying between 1 and 2 mm, weighing approximately 1200 g per square metre, and is 100% customisable with precious materials and to a design provided. The real revolution of this innovative product is the possibility of having a particularly rigid structure due to the resistance characteristics of carbon. Its variable appearance, due to the laminated materials, allows various types of finishing.
Unlike many other materials, Leaflat® can be very variable in thickness and thus in strength, width and/or length. A product with these characteristics could not fail to ensure maximum safety. Thanks to its high fire resistance, it has a very high flame retardant coefficient compared to other cladding materials. It has also been certified in the nautical sector for all types of boats.
The creation of a yacht's interior has become very similar to the creation of any kind of interior design. The owner's taste is our guide for designers who always keep in mind the interests and styles of the owner. The image will be coherent and will reflect the owner's self-image combined with functionality that should blend as accurately as possible with form.
The most important service that FB Innotech offers its customers is certainly the realisation of the shapes and elements of the environment to be furnished as desired.

Luxury Experience
Leather, Mother-of-Pearl and Precious Stones are at the heart of the transformation of luxury aesthetics in the nautical sector and, at the same time, a harmonious communion of the elements of nature that surround them, water and air.
The combination of technology and the qualitative experience that nature offers us have led to the creation and development of Leaflat®, a product that revolutionises all current standards.
Mother-of-pearl panel
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